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Pooll is a social commerce community that offers amazing income opportunities & toolsets for customers who share their favorite brands on social. Pooll is a way for brands to give back to loyal customers who help them grow. Pooll is FREE. Sign up today!

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A Platform That Pays You Commissions PLUS Rewards You For Growing A Brand!

Pooll pays you direct commission for products you sell on your social links. In addition, we set aside a bonus for every purchase on the system. This bonus is a social commission, called a "Pool". When someone signs up to sell from your link, you get Pooll Points from purchases their followers and friends make. We convert those points to money at the end of the month. You are rewarded for your role in growing the brand! There are more ways to earn money as well...(see below!)

We share our transaction fee with YOU based on your "Circles of Influence"

We don't charge brands a monthly or transaction fee, instead they choose a social commission fee percentage, and then we split that with you and take a portion as our revenue. This way, we're 100% committed to helping YOU and brands grow on the platform. You are rewarded when someone joins your circle of influence. The more you recruit, the more you are rewarded out of the social commission pool.

Connect and sell for multiple brands, all within the Pooll Marketplace

No more lengthy contracts or complicated deals! One click with each brand makes you a brand partner. You'll get your own special link, access to all of their products & content to share on your link page.

Free Automated & Fully Custom "Link In Bio" Landing Page: Income is generated from your links!

Automated Brand Deal Links

Unlimited Custom Links

Easy Links To Product Pages

One-click To Embed Brand Content

Fully Customizable

Team members sign up from your link page

New brands can sign up from your link page

Totally Free!

Multiple Ways To Earn $$$, All From Your Link Page


Every brand has a set commission percentage for every regular, VIP, and partner level social seller.


When you refer others to a brand, they will always be in your team, and you'll receive Pooll points for purchases their followers make.


When you refer a brand from your link page, you are the default top branch for every team in that Pooll.


Many brands will have a VIP program. All VIP programs can be earned when you meet the volume requirements for that brand.


Brands can set monthly bonuses based on the volume you are driving to their revenue.

Social Commission bonuses are organized in circles, collaboration over competition!

The social commission pool for each brand GROWS with every new person that generates purchases for that brand. Everyone selling for that brand is on the team! On top of that, people you invite are part of YOUR circle. Your circles of influence can go 8 level deep. When someone signs up from your link, and then someone signs up from their link, that is two circles down. Points travel back up, so the further away from you, the more pooll points you get, and the higher social commission you receive.

How Do Payments Work?

Earn ranks, cash bonuses, VIP status, free product, & increased percentages: Free Upgrades.

Every brand on Pooll can offer VIP programs, ranks & bonuses, and free product. IF you earn VIP status you will get your own discount code, a higher commission percentage, and 10% more Pooll points. VIP stasus is based on total volume of revenue driven to the brand in the form of direct commission. Ranks & Bonuses reset monthly and can offer cash bonuses or increased percentages. Brands can also allow you to trade in your social commission points for product!

Track all of your success in one dashboard

Everything in your link page is tracked in real time. Every page view, click, purchase, sign up, survey result, and new brands signing up. We track your Pooll points and estimate your current payout.

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Know A Brand? Refer & Earn!

If a brand signs up from your link page, you will be placed in every team that signs up to sell with that brand! You will get the piece of the ENTIRE pie that brand generates on the platform.