Hold Hands With Brands You Love

Pooll is a word-of-mouth social commerce network that offers real income opporunities for customers who share their favorite brands. Pooll is a way for brands to give back to loyal customers who help them grow. It is FREE to sign up & share!

Old School Affiliates vs. The Love Group


Once upon a time blogs & influencers were paid a direct commission when followers purchased from links they promoted. It was often an inauthentic short term relationship. It was not about brands they used on a daily basis. With Pooll, we allow companies to leverage what we call their love group. Real people who WANT to grow their favorite brands, and in turn be rewarded for doing so!


A Payment Model That Rewards Growth


Most affiliate networks do ONE thing: a direct commission from a tracked checkout. Pooll gives you that direct commission, but also takes an additional percentage from the brand and sets it aside, called a Pooll. When someone who shares your link also wants to promote that brand, you get Pooll points from purchases their followers and friends make. You are rewarded for your role in growing the brand. There are more ways to earn money as well...(see below)


Sharing Your Link With Others

When You Grow The Brand, Your Share Of The Pooll Grows

1. When someone uses your link, and decides to get a link of their own, you get rewarded.

2. If they have friends, who also get their own links, you get double rewarded.

3. This is tracked AT LEAST 5 levels deep, each time increasing your share of the Pooll.

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All Brands In One Place
Pooll Is A Marketplace

1. One-click deals & automated link sharing for every brand on Pooll

2. You will be given a new link for every different brand

3. We provide a custom link page that lists all of your links together

4. At the end of every month, payments are sent directly to your Stripe account.

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"Link In Bio" Landing Page
Automated & Custom

Automated Pooll Affiliate Links

Unlimited Custom Links

Customizable Background, Button, and Link Design

People can sign up to share directly from your link page!

People can sign up to create their store on your link page!

Totally Free

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We're Not Pharohs
We're Not Forcing You To Build A Pyramid


We are not direct sales, MLM, or a pyramid company. Those companies make money when reps sign up and pay to sell. Essentially, everyone has to buy into the system, and in the end the Pharoh in charge makes the bulk of the money to buy their mansions and lambos. Pooll is FREE. We are in the Pooll just like you, and only making money when products are sold. Pooll is a marketplace that will someday have thousands of companies, which means endless choices & opportunities for all of you, without the substantial investment required for an MLM.


We Are The Giving Tree
That Grows From Love & Sunshine


Our trees track the growth of a company, and reward you for the influence you have over that growth. You see, right now most companies spend millions on Facebook ads, paid promotions to mega influencers, and other media spend in order to grow their businesses. Who gets that money? Facebook investors! Does it pay off? Sometimes. It can be hard track, and costs can vary from day to day. A tree is a community of customers that grow brands that they love, by sharing a bit of sunshine: branches from their link pages.


Multiple Ways To Earn, With One Simple Action

When you refer a store from your links, you are the default back-line of everyone in that Pooll

When you refer others to a brand, you will always be in their back-line, receiving Pooll points

Many brands will create a VIP program that can be earned through sales for additional rewards

Top influencers/sharers on the platform will earn various Pooll, Inc. rewards

Did We Mention It Is Totally Free?

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Anyone Can Become A VIP


If brands create a VIP program, ANYONE can build into that position

VIP's receive a higher direct commission percentage

VIP's receive regular Pooll points + an addiontal 10% of points

VIP's can be assigned random Pooll points from untracked purchases

Yes, Even That Is Totally Free...

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BRANDS: Turn Your Website Into
A Rapid Growth Machine w/ A Few Lines Of Code

1. Choose your Direct & Pooll commissions for your affiliates.

2. Connect your bank via Stripe Connect ACH

3. Add one line of code on your main website, and then three lines of code at your checkout or thank you page.

4. Submit for Approval. Done.

For ALL shopping platforms that allow custom Javascript

It's FREE! Pooll gets paid out of your Pooll. We are the back of every line.

No Additional Transaction Fees for Payment Transfers!
(Stripe charges $.80 per $100 up to $5 for each ACH transfer)

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BRANDS: Worried About Market Crossover?
We Engineered For That!

1. Every brand is given their own corporate user account

2. When a customer that YOU bring over decides to share for another brand, you are added behind them in the Pooll.

3. This continues for the life of their account

4. At the end of every month, your brand will receive a Pooll payment as well.

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