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Why give away money to ad networks, when you could just give back to loyal customers who help you grow?! Set your tracked commission rate for ambassadors, and set aside an additional commission (a "Pool") that gets split by ambassadors helping your brand grow! Our only fee is a portion of that "Pool", with points tracked to us, as one of your ambassadors. This way, you NEVER pay more than you determine with your margin. Sign up today!

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You determine the margin for two commissions: Direct & Shared. Direct goes to the ambassador who generated a sale. Shared commissions are points earned by an ambassador, that is set aside and later split as a portion of that "Pool" for each tracked transaction. Ambassadors earn more points by recruiting new ambassadors, and your brand grows! Once you sign up, you can inform your customers, and we will inform our network.

Shared commissions (the "Pool") are organized in circles, & these circles grow your brand

Teams are organized in circles of influence, and all circle levels can be tracked from 5-8 layers deep. Our link pages are designed to be viral gateways that enroll new Ambassadors with a single click. Our end goal, is to help you achieve true growth!

Ambassadors Can Link Directly To Product Pages From Their Link Pages.

You can import all of your products directly from Shopify (or upload them one by one) with a single click. Once imported, your Ambassadors can create links from those listings that include an image and take them directly to your product pages for higher conversions!

Incentivize: Create ranks, cash bonuses, VIP programs, offer free products

Every brand on Pooll can offer VIP programs, ranks & bonuses, and free product. Ambassadors can be assigned, or earn VIP status. With our Shopify App, you can set a discount rate, and they can choose their own automated discount code! You can also create Ranks & Bonuses that reset monthly, and can offer EITHER cash bonuses or increased percentages. You can also assign point values to products to allow Ambassadors to trade in points for product.

Additional Free Growth Tools


Bonus Points
You can create bonus points for contests, challenges, campaigns, and more!


You can create cash or percentage bonuses that automatically reset each month.


Customer Surveys
Create surveys that Ambassadors can answer or have followers answer.


Content Library
Upload videos & images that ambassadors can easily include on their link pages.


Create Giveaways
Giveaways are an easy way to get new sign ups, while only having to give away a single product. We even pick the winner!

Track all of your success in one dashboard

We track the status of every Ambassador on the platform. You can see their teams & team members, sales they generate, and track the growth of your brand.

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Setup takes less than 15 minutes! Choose your Direct & Social commissions for your Ambassadors, give us your PayPal email address for billing, add one line of code on your main website, and then three lines of code at your checkout or thank you page. That's it. Submit your brand for approval when you're done, and we'll add you to the marketplace. Pooll is free for brands too, we are paid out of the Pooll teams just like your Ambassadors. No additional transaction fees!

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